Contemporary design transforming traditional patterns

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The graphic language of ancient textiles comprises a rich glossary of motifs specific to particular tribes and areas of the world. Many of the symbols and patterns woven into their design - from basic shapes and marks to complex and intricate decoration - have become easily recognisable even to the non-expert, and they tell the story of the rug and of the movements of peoples across the world.

However, excluding work still produced by existing tribal communities, the design of contemporary textiles concerns 'tribal identity' in a completely different way. Today's designs are driven by trends - often relatively international in scope - and the concept of individualism. The eclectic gleaning of aesthetics from different sources, eras and nations provides a rich melting-pot of visual language.

'Modernised tradition' is the name given to a current trend recognised across all design fields. In it, a classic design - or combination of designs - is appropriated and updated to make a new aesthetic, which the viewer can recognise in both a historic and a contemporary context. This can be seen in fashion, homewares and many areas of design, but no medium shows it more clearly than in the modern rug industry, where a new genre titled 'transitional' design has acquired great popularity.

The term 'transitional' does not denote one particular look; it describes the adaptation of traditional designs with devices such as disintegration, overlapping, glitches, reinterpretation and similar effects that can be aided by digital manipulation. Each of the premier rug companies producing transitional designs has its own set of devices and aesthetics. This also makes it possible to respond to individual customer requirements in terms of size and color. Products like these are part of the UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE at DOMOTEX 2018 and will reveal the opportunities for individualizing interior furnishings.


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