Agap Parquet was incorporated in 2008 and is the wood trading division of Agap International group.
Since from the beginning Agap Parquet focused the attention on wood floor business for finished and unfinished material coming from Far East Asia. Its main market was Italy and with a turn over of more than 120 fcl 20 ft per year was one of the first three bigger players on Italian market.
Agap Parquet became quickly a wood floor specialist not only on Oak wood but also in Teak wood from Burma and Indonesia and as well on African Species as Iroko and Doussie’.
We developed together with suppliers new finishing and technique for satisfying better and better the exigences of Italian market; one of the most , if not the most , exigent market in the world in terms of high end finishing.
With the experience done in Asia on 2013 we approached also East Europe market and we start to purchase material from Poland, Romania , Ukraine, Hungary,  Croatia and Bosnia , developing good commercial relations with the biggest suppliers in those countries.
Since 2014 we started to deal with sawn meal company for having the best raw material in order to control as well the quality from the log ahead.
Actually we have two outbound storages in Venice and Leghorn port with ready stock coming from Asia and two inbound storages located in Verona and Gorizia for made in Europe products.
Nowaday Agap Parquet play and important role on Italian Market but is also developing European sells in country such as Germany, Swiss,Austria,France and Spain.



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